How to upgrade a ProfileUnity cluster from 6.7 to 6.8

Because of the upgrades required to the ProfileUnity prerequisites, upgrading a existing ProfileUnity cluster in-place is not an option and requires a few extra steps.  In addition, this upgrade should always be done during a maintenance window due to the downtime of the FlexDisk operations that is required.

Summary: We will need to tear-down the current cluster, return all nodes to standalone, upgrade them individually and then rebuild the cluster.  This will necessarily cause interruption to user license validation and result in a notification box annoyance on any end-user's machine that happens to login during this change operation.

On each node, one at a time:

  1. On your main ProfileUnity console, Administration screen, Database section - Backup your current database.

  2. Shutdown each ProfileUnity cluster node and take a snapshot prior to continuing.  Once snapshots are completed, power back on all nodes and proceed below.

  3. Login to a node and navigate to the Administration page.  Scroll down to the FlexDisk section showing the cluster status list and click Go to Standalone.

  4. Wait for the node to complete the operation.  Log back into the node and confirm that it has successfully reverted to standalone mode.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each node in the cluster before proceeding below.

  6. Upgrade each node to the latest ProfileUnity 6.8.x release as normal.  (Release notes: - Installation guide:

  7. Once all nodes have been upgraded, proceed with re-enabling HA mode and adding back in the remaining nodes to the cluster.  You can use this KB as a reference regarding that process:
  8. Once the cluster has been rebuilt, you will need to push out your new Client Settings (clientsettings.xml, formerly nodes.xml for ProfileDisk/VMDK DIA's) from the Administration screen, Client Settings section.  Make sure the Deployment Path is accurate and make sure you've selected the correct "Communication Type to Broker Messages" setting.  Once set, click Update at the top right of the screen, scroll back down and Deploy Client Settings or Download Client Settings and manually place in your deployment path or the path specified in your GPO for your nodes.xml file.

  9. If you're currently using CSMonitor on your Connection Server(s) for VMDK DIA or UDD assignments, you will also need to uninstall your current version, download and install the new version from the Administration screen, FlexDisk section, Download Connection Server Monitor link.
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