ProfileUnity Hot-fix List

Latest Patches:

Patches for version "R2"  (Generally Available:  6-17-20)
Details available here( - Initial Patch Release Date: 8-5-20, Latest updates: 10-28-20)

  • ProfileUnity Console - (Updated 8-11-20) - - README.TXT
    • Security Updates - jQuery, HTTP Security Headers
    • Service stability improvements
    • Solves issue entering custom filter values in certain cases
    • Updated to on 8-11-20 to resolve Licensing screen spinner hang
  • Client Tools - (Updated 10-6-20) - - README.TXT
    • Improved FlexApp playback times and compatibility
    • Improved Portability logoff times - "SafeFilesystemSearch" phase-out
    • ProfileDisk improvements - Better UPN support and unmounts improved
    • AWS WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 compatibility improvement
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a Chrome UserDataDir override issue
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a benign crash at the end of FlexApp playback on Win7 32-bit
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a quirk with some DFS namespace mappings related to VHDX disk mounts
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves an issue with FlexApp Session Isolation on WVD VMs
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves an App-V+ProfileDisk compatibility issue (see this KB:
    • Updated 10-6-20 - Disables by default App-V and Edge / Chrome user data handling for ProfileDisk (introduced in the 9-10-20 update)
  • FlexApp Packaging Console - fpcsetup.exe - README.TXT
    • Support for Windows 10 feature update 2004
    • Resolves a Server 500 error during capture
    • Improved application packaging compatibility
    • New step as of 9-10-20 - Download and replace vhd.exe after installing (see readme)
    • New step updated 10-28-20 - Download and replace VirtFsService.exe.config after installing (see readme)


Older releases:

Patches for version "R1" (Generally Available: 1-8-20)

  • ProfileUnity Console -  (Last Updated: 5-15-20)
    • Fixes several issues relating to licensing and service stability
  • Client Tools
    • See above R2 Client Tools hotfix.
  • FlexApp Packaging Console
    • See above R2 FlexApp Packaging Console hotfix.

Patches for version (Generally Available: 5-17-19)

  • ProfileUnity Console -  (Last Updated: 4-7-20)
    • Fixes an issue preventing logins to an FPC using a ProfileUnity Console with Roles enabled
    • Fixes a webUI performance degradation issue
    • Fixes an issue where non-US time formats could prevent an upgrade to 6.8.3+
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates for settings requiring multiple value names / data
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates where some ADMX files would not load
    • Fixes an issue in Configuration Management where the list doesn't populate
    • Fixes an issue where the ProfileUnity Console service may stop running unexpectedly
  • Client Tools -  (Last Updated: 12-5-19)
    • Updated 7z files - fixes corrupt portability archive issues
    • Updated Client License Service - fixes license warnings for disconnected laptops and certificate validation error on older OSes
    • Updated MAPI Module - fixes MAPI module not creating profiles
    • Added legacy variable to Client.NET - fixes @HOMESHR variable
    • Fixes a folder redirection file copy issue
    • Updated with the latest Diagnostic tool
    • Adds signed TriggerLaunch.exe that can be used for process-based trigger configurations
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