ProfileUnity Hot-fix List

(Page Updated 9-9-21)

Latest Patches:

Patches since the release of (G4)  (Generally Available: 12-16-20)

  • ProfileUnity Console - (Updated to "HF1" on 2-4-21) - ProfileUnity-Net_6.8.4_G4_HF1.exe - README.TXT
    • Adds support for service accounts denied the "login interactively"/"logon locally" privilege in conjunction with CAC-enforced logins to the ProfileUnity web console.  (Requires the service account be a local admin and manually set on the ProfileUnity service)
    • Adds support for environments requiring all SSL connections to use the TLSv1.2 or higher protocol.  (Requires the updated client-tools below to support end-to-end TLSv1.2+ only support.)  Please see this KB article for steps on enabling SSL connections for the RabbitMQ message fabric used for license requests and FlexDisk operations.
    • (New since HF1) Adds support for performing all operations as the ProU Console domain service account; allows users to logon to the ProU Console even if denied logon rights to the server itself.  Also adds new Path Override feature to the Administration screen used to globally override specific paths with new targets in the INI only. - - README.TXT - (Updated 9-9-21)

  • Client Tools - (Updated to on 9-9-21) - client-tools.zipREADME.TXT
    • Changes ProfileDisk behavior so that existing VHD files continue to be used even if the assignment has been changed to VHDX.  This allows new users to get VHDX files without affecting current users.  (Added 1-14-21)
    • Resolves file operation issues (rename/move/etc) in redirected folders with ProfileDisk enabled.  (Added 2-1-21)
    • Adds support for environments requiring all SSL connections to use the TLSv1.2 or higher protocol.  (Requires the updated console version above for end-to-end support when enforcing TLSv1.2 or higher protocol version.)  (Added 2-4-21)
    • Adds support for ProfileDisk in environments where the Secondary Logon service disabled.  Requires a new reg DWORD value named "pdusecomputerperms" set to 1 in HKLM\Software\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity and that "Domain Computers" group has access to create/read/modify on the folder that contains the ProfileDisk VHDX files.  (Added 3-4-21)
    • Resolves an issue with folder redirection sync cut-over when migrating from one folder redirection location to another across multiple machines.  (Added 3-4-21)
    • Resolves an issue where ProfileDisk group assignments weren't applying for users using UPN login formats.  (Added 3-4-21)
    • Resolves an issue that can cause unexpected characters on the end of an application name that was FlexApp'd in "Programs & Features".  (Added 3-4-21)
    • Moves the (FlexApp) label for application names in "Programs & Features" to the end of the name.  (Added 3-4-21)
    • Improves filter processing time for all customers using large numbers of filters and adds logging to client_Logon log when in DEBUG.  (Updated 5-19-21 to add Main module config-level filter support as well as DEBUG log filtering support.)
    • Resolves an issue with filters using IP Address "is not" and "doesn't contain".  (Added 5-19-21)
    • Resolves an issue where a portability ruleset containing multiple values within the same key, as opposed to the whole key, would only save the first value in the list for that key.  (Added 5-19-21)
    • Client now re-installs PCOIP performance counters on AWS WorkSpaces which resolves issues with PCOIP filters and WorkSpace Status.  (Added 6-10-21)
    • Diagnostic tool updates (Fixed UnauthorizedAccessException, Zip now includes INI files) - (Added 6-10-21)
    • Adds new PortabilityDeElevate option to Lwl.ProfileUnity.Client.exe.config to run the Portability module un-elevated for additional security. (Added 9-9-21)

  • FlexApp Packaging Console - (Updated to on 6-30-21) - fpcsetup.exe - README.TXT
    • Resolves an issue where package edits might cause reg keys to be removed.  (Added 3-24-21)
    • Allows hard-deleting a (Default) registry value of a key in the package editor.  (Added 6-30-21)


Older releases:

Patches for version "R2"  (Generally Available:  6-17-20)
Details available here( - Initial Patch Release Date: 8-5-20, Latest updates: 10-28-20)

  • ProfileUnity Console - (Updated 8-11-20) - - README.TXT
    • Security Updates - jQuery, HTTP Security Headers
    • Service stability improvements
    • Solves issue entering custom filter values in certain cases
    • Updated to on 8-11-20 to resolve Licensing screen spinner hang
  • Client Tools - (Updated 10-6-20) - - README.TXT
    • Improved FlexApp playback times and compatibility
    • Improved Portability logoff times - "SafeFilesystemSearch" phase-out
    • ProfileDisk improvements - Better UPN support and unmounts improved
    • AWS WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 compatibility improvement
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a Chrome UserDataDir override issue
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a benign crash at the end of FlexApp playback on Win7 32-bit
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves a quirk with some DFS namespace mappings related to VHDX disk mounts
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves an issue with FlexApp Session Isolation on WVD VMs
    • Updated 9-10-20 - Solves an App-V+ProfileDisk compatibility issue (see this KB:
    • Updated 10-6-20 - Disables by default App-V and Edge / Chrome user data handling for ProfileDisk (introduced in the 9-10-20 update)
  • FlexApp Packaging Console - fpcsetup.exe - README.TXT
    • Support for Windows 10 feature update 2004
    • Resolves a Server 500 error during capture
    • Improved application packaging compatibility
    • New step as of 9-10-20 - Download and replace vhd.exe after installing (see readme)
    • New step updated 10-28-20 - Download and replace VirtFsService.exe.config after installing (see readme)

Patches for version "R1" (Generally Available: 1-8-20)

  • ProfileUnity Console -  (Last Updated: 5-15-20)
    • Fixes several issues relating to licensing and service stability
  • Client Tools
    • See above R2 Client Tools hotfix.
  • FlexApp Packaging Console
    • See above R2 FlexApp Packaging Console hotfix.

Patches for version (Generally Available: 5-17-19)

  • ProfileUnity Console -  (Last Updated: 4-7-20)
    • Fixes an issue preventing logins to an FPC using a ProfileUnity Console with Roles enabled
    • Fixes a webUI performance degradation issue
    • Fixes an issue where non-US time formats could prevent an upgrade to 6.8.3+
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates for settings requiring multiple value names / data
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates where some ADMX files would not load
    • Fixes an issue in Configuration Management where the list doesn't populate
    • Fixes an issue where the ProfileUnity Console service may stop running unexpectedly
  • Client Tools -  (Last Updated: 12-5-19)
    • Updated 7z files - fixes corrupt portability archive issues
    • Updated Client License Service - fixes license warnings for disconnected laptops and certificate validation error on older OSes
    • Updated MAPI Module - fixes MAPI module not creating profiles
    • Added legacy variable to Client.NET - fixes @HOMESHR variable
    • Fixes a folder redirection file copy issue
    • Updated with the latest Diagnostic tool
    • Adds signed TriggerLaunch.exe that can be used for process-based trigger configurations
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