ProfileUnity Hot-fix List

Version "R2"  (Generally Available:  6-17-20)

  • LwL.ProfileUnity.Client.TokenCache.exe (Created: 7/1/20)
    • Fixes a crash error message at login in AWS WorkSpaces and stuck "Connecting..." spinner in AWS AppStream

      Notes and patch methods:
    • Download, extract and overwrite 2 files of existing R2 client-tools install in C:\Program Files\ProfileUnity\Client.NET\ - one-off machine or image patch method - i.e. useful for patching an existing image-builder instance
    • (Created: 7/1/20) can be "dropped in" to an existing deployment path so new machines get the update out of the gate, i.e., "NETLOGON\ProfileUnity"
    • Full (Created: 7/1/20) can be used to update the client tools download link of your ProU console (C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity\)

Version "R1" (Generally Available: 1-8-20)
Complete Patched Client Tools (Updated 4-28-20):

  • Latest (Created: 2-12-20, Last Updated: 4-28-20)
    • Fixed service account lockout during ProfileDisk unmount when using CAC mode
    • New VHD’s will be created with VHDx format (regardless of file extension, new disks only, old disks work as normal)
    • MiniFilterMode Disabled
    • Removed Apps/Features reg key cloaking for RDSH  (Added 4-28-20, only helps RDSH)

  • (Optional) Latest (Created: 4-28-20)
    • Updated Client License Service: Disconnect from fabric on VDI after request+Fixes an issue where license requests would fail if the network wasn't available when the user was logging in
    • Updated Diagnostic Tool:  Captures additional reg values and all ProU-related config files+Misc Fixes
    • Adds CmdRunner.exe to solve elevation needs for specific commands/args rather than just EXE's

Installation Instructions:

Update the (or file 

  1. After downloading the,
  3. Browse to the location of your Profile Unity Client Tools directory 
    --The default location is “\\domainname\NETLOGON\ProfileUnity” of your domain.  
  4. Rename the current “” to “ 
  5. Copy the new “” to the location used in step 3
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the Profile Unity Tools on your Master Image, Persistent Virtual Machine, or Physical machine. 
    --Uninstall using Windows “Apps and Features” 
    --Uninstall from the command prompt - 
  7. Reinstall Profile Unity Client - 

Update the Profile Unity Console Server 

  1. After downloading the  
  2. Extract the Files to a Temp folder 
  3. Stop the ProfileUnity Console and FlexDisk services
  4. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquidware Labs\ProfileUnity 
  5. Copy the extracted files from “” and paste them into the ProfileUnity directory
  6. Restart the ProfileUnity Console and FlexDisk services 

Older releases:

Version 6.8.2

  • Latest (Last Updated: 12-5-20)
    • Updated 7z files - fixes corrupt portability archive issues
    • Updated Client License Service - fixes license warnings for disconnected laptops and certificate validation error on older OSes
    • Updated MAPI Module - fixes MAPI module not creating profiles
    • Added legacy variable to Client.NET - fixes @HOMESHR variable
    • Fixes a folder redirection file copy issue
    • Updated with the latest Diagnostic tool
    • Adds signed TriggerLaunch.exe that can be used for process-based trigger configurations

  • Latest ProfileUnity Console (Last Updated: 4-7-20)
    • Fixes an issue preventing logins to an FPC using a ProfileUnity Console with Roles enabled
    • Fixes a webUI performance degradation issue
    • Fixes an issue where non-US time formats could prevent an upgrade to 6.8.3+
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates for settings requiring multiple value names / data
    • Fixes an issue in Administrative Templates where some ADMX files would not load
    • Fixes an issue in Configuration Management where the list doesn't populate
    • Fixes an issue where the ProfileUnity Console service may stop running unexpectedly


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