Stratusphere Dashboard New Access Group Does Not Show in the Edit Dashboard Eligible Groups

Product: Stratusphere

Product Version: 6.1.3

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: October 08 2019



A new access group created in the inventory does not display in the Eligible Groups when editing an existing or a new dashboard.



Unable to provide access to dashboard users when trying to restrict access.


This is a work around for the time being to add the access group to be displayable in the eligible groups  under Access Groups of  the Edit Dashboard screen.

The group is not passed on to the webuis variables file and needs to be manually added in the backend.


*Upgrade to 6.1.4 or follow steps below*

 Navigate to the HUBs dashboard application code directory and modify specific files.

1. Logon as friend and the switch user to root.

2 Navigate to the following directory: 

     cd /var/www/html/stratusphere/dashexpert/js/application/

3. List out the directory and find the following files variables.js:

     ls -ltr

4. Back up  the original variables.js file and then vi the original one.

     mv application.js /home/friend/bkup_variables.js

vi  /var/www/html/stratusphere/dashexpert/js/application/variables.js

5. Find the following line in the variables.js file and att as many groups as necessary to be added in he dashboards.

 From: dash_user_group : ['dash_user'],//dash_user

 To:      dash_user_group : ['dash_user','newgroup'],//dash_user

 6. No restart necessary.


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