Stratusphere 6.1.4 Released

Liquidware has recently made several enhancements and bug fixes to Stratusphere solutions. Enhancements were made to the Inspectors, Spotchecks, Dashboards, Connector ID (CID) Key, Web UI and Hub & Database. Major enhancements include focus support for AWS and Azure appliances, CID key support for Amazom AppStream 2.0, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, 10ZiG NOS Zero clients and RFX metrics on Windows 7 (RDP 8). New additions within SpotChecks include detection of how many days a mahcine has not rebooted or “called back”, enhancing user endpoint security. There is now also a direct link to the new site to allow for easier access to product information.

In addition, Liquidware has also fixed bugs reported by our user community and addressed vulnerabilities by providing security patches and updates. Details on all the changes can be found in the Stratusphere Release Notes located at

As mentioned, Liquidware has made significant enhancements in Stratusphere 6 to the underlying architecture and virtual appliances to provide for an increase in overall performance and scalability. If you have not installed a newly downloaded 6.x version of the appliance, please do so now. More details on the process, sizing appliances and data migration details can be found on the Stratusphere Support page at

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