Stratusphere CID Agent: Windows 10 1903, msra popup bad image 0xc0000428 error.

Product: Stratusphere

Product Version: 6.x, should be fixed in 6.1.5

Expires on: 365 days from publish date

Updated: January 27, 2020



Windows 10 1903 throws error 0xc0000428 pertaining lwlmntr64.dll & lwlmntr.dll incompatibility issue with 64 bit version of windows and crashing the CID



Deeming CID agent inoperable. 


This is a known issue with the version of windows and covered here:




Upgrade Connector ID to 6.1.5.

OR as a workaround for previous versions, on the Master Image or Windows Desktop proceed to following:

1) Open Settings

 2) Go to Update and security

 3) Pick Windows security and use the Open Windows Security button

 4) Pick app and browser control

 5) Find Exploit protection and click exploit protection settings

 6) Click program settings

 7) Add a program, using by program name

 8) Enter msra.exe and click add

 9) Scroll down the list of options until you find "Disable extension points"

 10) Tick override system settings and then slide it to ON

 11) Apply and ensure msra.exe is not running via taskmanager

NOTE: see this Microsoft article for more info such as running via Powershell or Group Policy-


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