Windows pops an error, "an app default was reset," after user logon

Product: ProfileUnity-FlexApp

Product Version:  All

Updated: March 25, 2020

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After the user login, Windows shows an error: "An app default was reset.  An app caused a problem with the default app setting for <file extension> files, so it was reset to <the default app>."


Unlike the prior version of Windows, Windows 10 does not allow the users to manipulate the registry directly to set the default app for a file type for security reasons.  If it detects any manipulations, it will reset the changes back to default.  ProfileUnity has been using an approved method to retain default app settings, but some of our Portability might still contain rules to restore app association related registry keys.  If you are experience this issue, please check your configuration to see if any of our Portability rulesets include one or several of the following three registry keys:

HKCU Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts
HKCU Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Associations
HKCU Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ApplicationAssociationToasts

The easiest way to verify if you save and restore any of these registry keys is to export a config summary report in TXT, and search for any of these keys (e.g. Software\Microsoft\Windows then check one by one).  Once you have located it/them, identify which Portability ruleset it is in (most likely in Windows Explorer related ruleset), then go to Portability Management to remove those rules.  Deploy the new config after the Portability rules have been updated.


The issue will not go away immediately as the existing Portability files may still contain these registry keys.  However, the problem should go away after a couple logons and logoffs.


Reference on App Reset error:

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