Stratusphere 6.1.4 VM Directory Import Success but Host not Imported


  1. VM Directory Import is successful
  2. Virtual Machines are imported but Hosts appear to have failed.
  3. vHost Inspector does not show hosts when querying





The vHost inspector is looking at the classic vHost tables in the backend after upgrading from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4.


Logon to the Appliance with the database, that can be either the HUB or Remote Database depending on the configuration and execute the following commands as root:


  1. Check vHosts are on the DB:

     Putty in as friend / sspassword

     Switch to root using this command: su -

    Then run the command:  echo "select * from tnt_config.vmhost;" | su - postgres -c 'psql portal'


  2. Run the following to fix to point the host to current tables in the db and restart database:

sudo echo "begin;select partman.undo_partition('tnt_audit.hoststats');select partman.create_parent('tnt_audit.hoststats', 'end_date', 'partman', 'daily');commit;"| sudo su - postgres -c 'psql portal'

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