Stratusphere Collector Does Not Register - Error "Key material cert.txt not found"


  1. When registering a new collector the status column in the Collector Administration page displays "NO" on a red background.
  2. Last Audit Receipt is blank
  3. Edit Properties page shows an error message "Key material cert.txt not found'







Cert.txt file that is missing, is the file responsible form creating a secured connection to the HUB.

No matter the version of the collector, the registration depends on availability of that cert.txt file on the HUB.

To troubleshoot, you may identify if the cert.txt file exists on the hub, why it's missing or if the collector has the means to communicate with the HUB to acquire it?

Logging on to Hub/DB or Collector and helpful commands.

  1. Putty on to HUB/Collector as friend and then su to root.
  2. You will be using the following commands to troubleshoot
    • df -h
    • ls -ltr /opt/vdesktools/grd/*.txt
    • ls -ltr /opt/tnt/var/backend/activation.crt
      • cat /opt/tnt/var/backend/activation.crt
    • /etc/init.d/vs-helper restart (stop & start)
    • touch /opt/vdesktools/grd/cert.txt


Diagnosing certificate file availability

  1. On the HUB check the following files exist and have a most recent date.
    • ls -ltr /opt/tnt/var/backend/activation.crt

    •   ls -ltr /opt/vdesktools/grd/*.txt
  2. Confirm the cert.txt file has the most recent date in above queries or if it exists?If not, generate a new one.
    • /etc/init.d/vs-helper restart
      • This should update the time stamp on the cert.txt file o generate a new one.
    • If the file fails to update the time stamp or fails to generate if missing, you will need to check the following
      • Is the database full? Run this command on the appliance with the database on it:

        • df -h | grep /var/lib/pgsql
          • If full expand the disk 3 & 4 accordingly in vsphere and restart the appliance.
        • On the HUB restart vs-helper.
      • Is the cert.txt file stale? Run this command to refresh cert.txt file & restart vs helper and rejoin or re-register the collector in the WebUI.
        • touch /opt/vdesktools/grd/cert.txt
        • /etc/init.d/vs-helper restart
  3. Is the activation.crt current? Check the address in the activation.crt file hash. Due to admin configuration error, DNS, IP or CID Callback address entry. This file can be written with the wrong address therefore not allowing Collectors to register correctly. 
    • cat /opt/tnt/var/backend/activation.crt
      • Make sure the address is the host name of the hub or the IP address.
      • If not, then in the Stratusphere webui or lwl menu on the HUB change the cid key callback address to the HUB hostname or IP address and the restart the vs-helper service. Then re-register the collectors
  4. Lastly, can the collector communicate to the HUB?
    • Ping the HUB from the collector
    • Ping the Collector from the HUB
    • Check the Network configuration using lwl menu or ssconsole user on the Collector
      • Are all the DNS servers similar as they are for the HUB and DB
      • Is the Gateway the same?
      • Are the VMs on the same network in Vsphere?
      • Are the IP and HOSTNAMES defined in DNS and and DHCP?


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