ProfileUnity Hotfix Details for 6.8.3 R2 - Released 8-5-20, Last Updated 10-6-20 - Patches available here.

Issues Resolved

ProfileUnity Management Console

  • Fixed an issue with Mongo where a bulk write operation resulted in one or more errors.
  • Fixed an issue with a security risk with a jQuery component dependency (CVE-2012-6708).
  • Fixed an issue with Licensed Users where the machine name reverted to previous entry on logoff.
  • Fixed an issue where an HTTP security header was not detected.
  • Fixed an issue with Licensing where licenses were not released after 30 days.
  • Fixed an issue with filters where typing custom values was not allowed.
  • Fixed an issue where "expired" users were not automatically removed from the Licensed Users table.
  • Updated 8-11-20:  Fixed an issue with Licensing screen hung spinner.


  • Fixed an issue where SafeFilesystemSearch was slow for logoffs.
  • Fixed an issue with Shortcut playback issues when a Start Menu sub-folder already existed.
  • Fixed an issue with AppStream Prewarm where tokencache was failing to run and hung up the login.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not delete or move folders from a ProfileDisk.
  • Fixed an issue with a Terminal Server filter check that returned false for WVD multi-user Win10.
  • Fixed an issue with Startup.exe where it randomly failed with an IOException: 'VirtFsService.exe.config is being used by another process'.
  • Fixed an issue with Folder Redirection where a Win32Exception error called WTSEnumerateSessions.
  • Fixed an issue with ProfileDisk where unmount and file handle release took up to 5 minutes to complete on a Windows shutdown request.
  • Fixed an issue with ProfileDisk where UPN logins needed to correspond to samAccountName (pre-Windows 2000 account name).
  • Fixed an issue with error dialog boxes during login that caused AppStream to hang while connecting.
  • Updated 9-10-20:  Fixed a Chrome UserDataDir override issue
  • Updated 9-10-20:  Fixed an App-V+ProfileDisk compatibility issue
  • Updated 10-6-20:  Disabled by default App-V and Edge / Chrome user data handling


  • Fixed an issue where manually running Jitcut did not work with VHDX Packages.
  • Fixed an issue where BSoD occurred when capturing applications on Windows 10-2004.
  • Fixed an issue with playback time where applications abused HKLM\software\classes.
  • Fixed an issue where customer saw recycle bin corruption messages in 6.8.3 R2 GA.
  • Fixed an issue with Session Isolation where it was not working in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue with HKLM root entries that could lock up the system.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flexapp Packaging Console where application capture failed with the following: ‘Error: The Remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error’.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not package AutoDesk TrueView 2018.
  • Updated 9-10-20:  Fixed a benign crash at the end of FlexApp playback on Win7 32-bit
  • Updated 9-10-20:  Fixed a quirk with some DFS namespace mappings related to VHDX disk mounts
  • Updated 9-10-20:  Fixed an issue with FlexApp Session Isolation on WVD VMs
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