Stratusphere 6.1.5 Released

Liquidware has made a number of key enhancements to the Stratusphere  6.1.5 release, including:


Expanded Work from Home Metrics

The solution has expanded its set of Wi-Fi metrics for troubleshooting the "first mile" of a home user’s connection, including access point signal strength, access point distance and connection speed, along with support for mesh networks. With the pandemic forcing organizations to rapidly launch WFH options, these metrics are now highlighted in the Advanced Inspectors, Dashboards and SpotChecks to identify “first mile” performance issues more easily. Organizations are assured that the technologies their workers are relying upon are responsive and support WFH seamlessly, in turn reducing IT support teams overheads and increasing user productivity.


New (Beta) API Builder 2.0

Using traditional APIs can be intimidating and confusing. Stratusphere UX’s new API Builder 2.0 helps administrators easily build the API strings needed to extract data by graphically displaying API options and rendering a table from the data at the bottom of the screen. Stratusphere UX’s API Builder helps administrators extract data for other business intelligence solutions, including Tableau and PowerBI, as well as applications such as MS Excel or proprietary custom applications. The API Builder 2.0 has been redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to use. New features include being able to save progress, view histories, go back to prior states, and import existing Stratusphere UX API strings. These key features make it easier to find needed metrics and allow moving between Inspectors while retaining selections.


Login Breakdown Enhancements

The location of Domain Controllers (DCs) can negatively impact logins, making them protracted and problematic. A recurring issue arises when workspaces are moved to the Cloud, but the DCs are still back on premises, or when a misconfiguration causes the user to authenticate "across the pond." A new view in the Login Breakdown Inspector shows DC name and IP so you know to where the users are authenticating. Additionally, new process and machine-level CPU and Memory usage is recorded every second of the login process, thus pulling key system and process resource consumption into one view, allowing admins to quickly pinpoint the cause of login performance issues.


Process Optimization Updates

The Process Optimization feature within Stratusphere UX allows users to raise or lower the priority of applications and processes. With expanded metrics showing the actions of Process Optimization, administrators can now easily terminate or adjust noisy applications or bad actors, therefore further optimizing and securing the user experience. Memory savings are also shown as Process Optimization tracks idle processes and reclaims unused memory, reflecting hard dollar savings. For one customer it has enabled them to increase their PC refresh cycle from four to five years purely from the efficiency derived from Stratusphere UX Process Optimization.


Dashboard Enhancements

A dashboard only user role can be enabled allowing users to see the dashboards only. With access to selected dashboards, managers can get at a glance updates focused on their area of concern. Line and bar charts have been enhanced and a pie chart has been added to the widget selection.


Google Cloud Onboarding

Stratusphere UX now offers strategic custom reports for those users who are considering onboarding workspaces into the Google Cloud. This makes the solution the only one to provide onboarding data for all major cloud platforms - including Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.


Desktop Platform / OS Updates

Visibility of data by platform has now been broken out by vendor - including Physical, AWS, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and Nutanix. New metrics have been added to include Microsoft Edge Chromium, NVIDIA GPU, and network data on Linux and MacOS.

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