Stratusphere 6.5.0 Unified Hot Fix Patch

Product: Stratusphere UX - Hub, Database, Collectors

Product Version: 6.5.0 

Expires on: N/A

Updated: Feb, 2021


The purpose of this KB is to provide adhoc patching as bugs and issues are identified, reported and then resolved by the Liquidware development team.  Any new bugs must be reported to the

The patch is to be applied to all three appliances: HUB, Database and Collectors.  You should apply the patch after the 6.5 appliances are deployed and their network settings are configured.


Issues list

1. Collector/Hub Stuck Pending Reports, Connector ID Agents not Reporting

2. Migration Failure due to Disk Space Check

3. Migration Failure With Non-default friend & root Password.

4. Intermittent Missing Data for Network & Disk Stats



This unified Hot Fix patch can be applied continuously as it is updated. The patch ideally should be applied just after deployment, but it is OK to apply to appliances that are already in use.  Cloud based (AWS, Azure) hub and databases however should be joined together before applying this patch. There are two methods to apply:

1. For appliances with internet access, download and apply the locally on each Hub/DB/Collector appliance via Liquidware repository.

a. SSH to each appliance as friend/sspassword 

b. Execute the following commands:

      • sudo bash
      • cd /home/friend
      • wget
      • bash patch650.bin

2. For appliances without internet access, use this link to download the shell script patch650.bin to your desktop.

a. Use WinSCP or a similar application to SFTP the patch to each HUB/DB/Collector as friend/sspassword. Place the file in the /home/friend directory.

b. SSH to each appliance as friend/sspassword then execute the following commands:

      • sudo bash
      • cd /home/friend
      • chmod 700 patch650.bin
      • ./patch650.bin


Additional info

  1. Post migration when 6.5.0 Collectors are deployed but "Pending Reports" in the WebUI do not decrease and Observed Machines By Date is not current. Reports directory on the HUB & or Collector appliance fills up and servicemix is hung.
  2. In the "Migration Scenario 2", while migrating the old HUB to the new HUB fails to copy network stats and errors out. Final result is the new HUB network configuration does not change and you may receive a 404 error in the webUI attempting to reach the User Interface.

  3. Migration fails from any appliance to any appliance for the following error:
    • unix_chkpwd(214909): password check failed for user (friend)
  4. This patch addresses intermittent missing Disk and Network Stats:
    • Error messages found in Servicemix Logs and tnt_backend.log respectfully:

"servicemix.log.2:  Detail: Key (node_id, start_date, end_date, pid, name, inaddr, inport, outaddr, outport, type)=(10649, 2020-12-17 13:17:19, 2020-12-17 14:17:11, 16580, OUTLOOK,, 0,, 443, tcp) already exists."

"2020-12-23 15:22:48,937 | WARN  | Thread-26533     | atsNetworkDetailsCopyInConverter | 282 - lwl-objectbase - 0.22.0 | Ignoring duplicate value statistic: {outAddr=, sendTotal=23.192, latency=58.353, pid=5840, timeMin=63, inAddr=, outPort=443, ownerId=null, inCount=293, portType=tcp, outCount=97, jitter=1.587, outDomain=, ownerName=vdi1@LWLDEMOCENTER, recvTotal=85.781, name=iexplore#3, startTime=1450452924000, endTime=null, outName=, desktopApplicationId=17}"


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