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Flexapps Appearing in Add/Remove Programs




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    Steven Hajek

    Hi Stephen - We do not cloak the uninstall key information by default because this key is accessed so frequently that we've found, unlike cloaking application-specific keys, cloaking the uninstall key values comes at a cost of slight increase in overhead to the Container Service.  (YMMV)

    That said, if you want to enable this functionality, you can edit the VirtFsService.exe.config file in the Flexapp folder on persistent/test machines and in the of the deployment path (ContainerService\x64 folder) and add the uninstall keys to the CloakRoots setting like so:  (restart the machine/Container Service after if testing on a live machine)

          <setting name="CloakRoots" serializeAs="Xml">
              <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" />
  • Steven Hajek

    Stephen - also to add, you will need to consider the execution/user context of the tools used for inventorying machines with FlexApp and cloaking - will the account used by the tool even have access to see the FlexApps when cloaked, and if not then I'm not sure how useful that tool would be when it would be omitting FlexApps potentially.  It seems that maybe both scenarios are undesirable and a choice must be made on how to handle this w/r to the inventory data collected by a third-party tool.


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